Reinforcement Analysis
Case Studies

Case Study: 2200 Seat Multi-use Theatre in Athens, GA
This analytic session was made necessary by guest sound engineers complaining that the House Left and House Right sounded "different". The day had two goals: find the problem and document as much real time data as possible. The auditorium is used for anything fromconferences with single podium mics to high SPL rock shows.

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Case Study: Tuning a 2-way or Bi-amped System
When I obtained the eBay score of a lifetime in the form a Clair Brother 12am floor monitor it made the me happy and the bossman giddy. Here's are the steps in tuning the raw drivers, thus correcting the frequency and phase response. The end result is a flat consistent sound and relative phase response for both of the JBL drivers.

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Case Study: Networking Your Yamaha Console to your Apple Devics
With the new Yamaha digital consoles reaching the market over the last years Yamaha has made it a point to contuniually stay on top of the game to give the end user full use of it's wirelss technology. This is a step by step guide to setting up a wireless router. a macbook and an ipad to your LS9 or M7CL
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