Engineering Reinforcement Analysis

"Less is only more where more is no good" - Frank Lloyd Wright

The history of sound re-inforcement reaches far beyond our lifetime or millenia. Long before musical artists were crowding around a single microphone, sound reinforcement was done purely by building acoustically coherent venues. All events that required the common voice to be projected were held in these special facilities. Today, all we need is an open area and technology allows us to turn the most primivitve space in to a meeting space or concert hall. The systems are as simple as one microphone or "as many as it takes." Each instrument can have it's own special microphone or there are all purpose tranduction devices that work on most everything. It's my job to help you decide what's the most appropiate level of production for your event and for your organization's budget.

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Live from the Variety Playhouse Concert Film
Shawn Mullins, Marty Kearns, Gerry Hansen, Patrick Blanchard and Clay Cook
(Peter Stroud & Francine Reed out of frame)